The first decentralized all-to-all trading platform based on dark pool technology

Quark.Market removes the middleman while allowing secure
and transparent crypto transactions

Starts July 1, 2018
Прямые расчёты

Direct p2p transactions

Smart contracts directly between buyer and seller eliminates the need for intermediaries

Никаких манипуляций

Absence of manipulation

Volume and prices of trades that are not visible (other than transactional buyer and seller) will eliminate market manipulation on Quark.Market


Maximum security

Mitigated risk of hacking attack due the fact that trader funds no longer need to be kept on the exchange

Problems of the crypto-currency market

Liquidity Fragmentation

Over 200 (mostly centralized) exchanges operate independently of one another resulting in fragmented liquidity. The outcome of fragmented liquidity is that orders (even smaller ones) create price deviation, which negatively affects the trader while benefiting the OTC broker.

Распыление ликвидности

Market Impact of large orders

Large orders can have a negative impact on buying/selling price. As such “whales” contract OTC brokers to execute their trades. This is due to the ability the OTC “middleman” to conduct the trade without showing trade specifics, which eliminates the market impact of pending trades. This problem of market impact is the reason why OTC “middleman” control such a large percentage of the trading volume.

Влияние больших заявок на рынок

High risks and commission

Crypto exchange commissions are several times higher than the traditional exchanges. Traders frequently get charged three times (deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as on the trade itself). The risks of hackers is always prevalent.

Высокие риски и комиссии

Our Solution

Технология “Dark Pool”

Dark Pool technology

ALL-2-ALL Трейдинг

All-to-all trading

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Deals at the best price for both parties

No market impact of large orders
Dark Pool technology ensures that prices and volume remain silent (excepting initiating trader), which eradicates market impact.
No middlemen
No market impact means no “middlemen.” No middlemen mean higher profits for the trader.

Direct p2p transactions

Direct p2p transactions
After matching buyer and seller smart contracts allow the execution of the trade to be a direct p2p transaction.
Lowest fees and no hacking risks
Elimination of the middleman means that Quark.Market can offer unparalleled low trading fees. Transaction fee is 0.025% for token holders, and 0.05% for others. P2p transactions eliminate hacking risk.
Total number of tokensAdditional emission is not providedJoin whitelist now
Using TokensTransaction Fee
Without tokens0.05%
For QRM token holders0.025%

Using QRM tokens bring an extra discount.

Trading fees and security deposits paid with QRM tokens will lower both by 50%. Transaction fee 0.05% to 0.025% and security deposit 0.5% to 0.25%

Quark.Market holds the security deposit until completion of the p2p transaction. Upon completion of transaction security deposit is refunded.


Traders with a $50k daily trading volume and/or orders over $10k will be exempt from trading fees (if the trader holds QRM tokens in the amount of 5% of their daily trading volume).

Large-scale investors (meaning all, except for those mentioned above) will proceed with their transactions on the usual terms.

Fees paid in QRM tokens will not be burned. They will be held in a reserve fund, only to be used establish long-term partnerships or to reward developers who support the platform.

Market analysis

Comparison with competitors
Republic ProtocolKrakenAirSwapQuark
Opportunity for liquidity providersNoYesYesYes
The advantage of individual players over othersPrices are found out by nodes firstEveryone finds out at the same timePrices are found out by market makers firstEveryone finds out at the same time
Impact of pending transactions on the marketImpactNo impactImpactNo Impact
Fair match: orders are sourced by best price and time of applicationBenefits lay with the size of the commission being offeredYesMarket makers choose the order in which trades are executedYes
FeesUnknown0,13%Market maker commission is included
in price of trade
Certain players favored over othersYesNoYesNo
Possibility of auctionNoNoNoYes
Possibility to manipulateYesYesYesNo


  • 4Q 2017

    Idea of Quark.Market is born and core team assembled

  • 1Q 2018

    Taking into account community feedback development begins. Start of marketing campaign and negotiations with early investors

  • 1Q 2018


  • 2Q 2018

    Confirmation of early partnerships with financial institutions. Continued development and marketing. ICO

  • 3Q 2018

    Launch of the test version of the platform, creation of liquidity on the platform, test transactions of early institutional partners, expansion of partnerships within financial sector, conclusion of early partnerships with the corporate crypto community, and begin work with the global retail community

  • 4Q 2018

    Platform launch. Liquidity creation and maintenance. Full–scale trading with financial sector, begin trading with non - financial sector, Set up of trading potential with global retail crypto community

  • 1Q 2019

    Full-scale trading with financial and non-financial sectors, beginning of trade with global retail crypto community

  • 2Q 2019

    Full scale trading with all the sectors. Development of our own blockchain


How does Dark Pool technology work?
Dark pool technology was developed to mitigate market impact of large orders. This is achieved through making volume and price of booked orders invisible (excepting to the booking party). Visibility of volume and price is not necessary because the system matches buyers and sellers with compatible prices and volume. When a match is made a transaction is processed. The key component is that the volume and price remain invisible, thus making the pool of traders a dark space to transact. The darkness of the trading space then mitigates against market impact of orders placed.

Why is Quark.Market a better place to trade?
– It is decentralized, thus mitigating risk against hackers stealing the traders' funds

– Integration of Dark Pool Technology eliminates market impact of placed orders

– We use a fair matching system that matches buyer and seller based solely on price and time of booking. There is no favoritism to certain traders of others. This combined with our auction function creates a fair playing field for all traders

– We have no competitors. No other exchanges use "Dark Pool Technology." Other exchanges do not offer a fair playing field to all traders. Other exchanges favor certain traders over others. Only Quark.Market matches orders solely based solely on price and time of order

– Other exchanges are prone to price manipulation

The Quark.Market token (QRM)
– Token will be the “gas” for all crosschain transactions on Quark.Market. Owners who participate in our lease back program will receive part of the commission to be paid for crosschian transactions

– When trading using the QRM token there will be a 50% discount on the trading fee and collateral deposit

– Traders with a $50k daily trading volume and/or orders over $10k will be exempt from trading fees (if the trader holds QRM tokens in the amount of 5% of their daily trading volume)

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Иосиф Найшулер

Joseph Naishuler


More than than 10 years of experience (on both the selling and buying side) in the classical securities market (i.e. stocks, bonds and derivatives) has given Joseph the ability understand the way structures and systems function (both in various sectors of the market and in the context of issuers). Joseph is an ideas man, a uniter, who engenders sincere belief (from those around him) in not only his goals and objectives, but also, in his ability to successfully reach said goals and objectives. Joseph works towards his goals like a game of chess, he formulates many different potential routes to achievement so that if one fails he still has a planned path forward. Previously Joseph worked as head of asset management Ak Bars Capital . His knowledge and experience include implementing investment approaches which ensure profitability in both bullish and bearish markets.

Березин Данил

Daniel Berezin


Daniel is a graduate of Kazan State University (department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics) and has developed algorithmic trading strategies on the classic stock market (USA). He has over over 10 years experience as a trader/investor and a a comprehensive understanding the management strategies involved in corporate accounting. His previous work experience includes being the department head of trading operations in Ak Bars Capital . As well as working with institutional investors towards establishing contacts to provide international liquidity in Eurobonds and shares.

Могилевкин Константин

Konstantin Mogilevkin


A graduate of Kazan State University (department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics). Konstantin has worked in management and IT consulting. Since 2015, he has been working as CEO of a company involved in developing solutions concerning high loads for distributed computing and machine learning. He has great experience in developing company processes for large projects, managing analysts, developers, testers and development operations. Also Konstantin has deep experience in business analysis, systems analysis and working with stake holders at varying levels. Konstantin can speak at the many levels of abstraction of complex projects. As skill that allows him to take innovative ideas and build them into complete projects. Innovative leaders from many different sectors seek him out to help bring their projects to fruition.

Zachary Reece

Zachary Reece

Strategic investments advisor

Zachary started as a Trader on Wall Street. He moved to the Blockchain Investment space opening the world’s only SEC and FINRA Compliant Blockchain Private Equity Fund.

Anton Soloviev

Anton Soloviev

Chief Project Officer

Anton has more than 12 years of in-depth professional experience in international projects management with a focus on cross-functional team coordination, digital & marketing communications, fintech. Studied at several international schools across the Southern Asia & Europe, operated by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a focus on foreign languages. Later joined Moscow Institute of Aerospace Technologies with a degree for automated control systems and computer science in engineering. Previously worked at leading global marketing communications groups (BBDO, DDB, Publicis Groupe), providing management and successful launch of complex projects for international clients and brands. Since 2014 has been handling individual consulting & management services for private investors and partners from commercial & government sectors. Successfully launched several own projects as a co-founder. Since 2016 focused on fintech & blockchain industry, taking role as Managing Partner and establishing a large scale cryptocurrency mining operations management company.

Dmitry Chirkin

Dmitry Chirkin

Legal Advisor

Founder of law firm White Stone LLC. Dmitry is a cross-border projects lawyer with more than 13 years of experience in both digital (VC, ICO) and traditional spheres of legal practice (finance and M&A) working for major international law firms (PwC Legal, Chadbourne&Parke, Dentons) and for global clients. During past years Dmitry and his team has advised Russian and international clients on ICO related issues

Kyle White

Kyle White

Marketing & Blockchain Advisor

ICO Media Guru, Blockchain Advisor and Cryptocurrency advertising

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Head of IR

Michael has an undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology, a Masters in International Development and a PHD in International Relations. He has extensive experience working in many cultures and different parts of the world. He has been involved in development projects in Kyrgyzstan, India, Lebanon, Peru, Ecuador, UAE and Kuwait. Michael has served as international relations advisor for a prominent Washington DC based law firm, the Pambamarca archaeological project and worked for the Peace Corps. He has facilitated investment for several international community development projects, and managed several international research projects.

Sargon Piraev

Sargon Piraev

Senior Blockchain Developer

More than 5 years of professional experience in commercial development. Developed mobile applications for Russian major brands, such as Megafon, TopFace, online ticket service, mobile application for evacuation service, mobile operator subscription platform, online games for social media (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki). Was also involved in process of performance optimization for web-clients and real-time systems engineering.